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The Devil, Peace River, and cheap Fantasies

Charlie Daniels wrote a song some years ago about the Devil coming down to Georgia. Now, I don’t know if there’s any truth behind that fiddler’s tale, but I’m keeping my eyes open. The heat’s been fierce in my neck of the woods. Could be global warming or could be the ambient heat of some devil prowling around.

I first noticed the heat wave when our dogs, Annie and Dixie, just slept all day passed out in the shade. Wouldn’t even raise their heads to bark at the squirrel lounging in the birdbath. Then the next morning, BAM! Triple digit heat for days on end.

(We’re not dead!)

I noticed on Facebook (an invaluable source of all things factual) that folks are baking cookies on the sidewalk. Someone said two hobbits threw a ring into their backyard! And I know our power bill is gonna be through the roof, but I’m running that AC if it drains every penny I’ve got.

But that’s all okay, because in just a few weeks my family is taking a much needed vacation. I can hardly wait. Oh yes, I plan to spend several hours in relaxation mode.

Beaches, swimming pools, and new books to read (which I’ll get to in a second). But here’s my favorite item on our vacation agenda:

My oldest son and I love hunting fossilized shark teeth and other such relics. We’re staying at a beach on the west coast of Florida, but what he and I are really looking forward to is the day we venture just a bit inland…

…to a place called ‘Peace River’.  It’s an absolute honey-hole for finding shark teeth and other fossils. We went a few years ago and pulled out some fossils we still can’t identify!

And if you’re thinking fancy scuba gear, or even snorkels and fins, you are very, very wrong. We go ultra low-tech in some of the muddiest, brownest water you’ll ever find. (A lot like the rivers where we live, matter-of-fact.) The Peace River also has alligators, which again we have around here.

But there is one crucial difference. When the water is low in Peace River, like I predict it will be when we get there, it makes for excellent fossil hunting. (I’ll blog with some pictures of our finds when we get back.)

In case you’re ever interested in visiting that area, here’s what you do: Get out of your canoe, shuffle round in the river bed, strain some mud and sand through a sifter, and come out with handfuls of fossils and fossilized shark teeth. Dirty, wet, hard work, and I absolutely love it.

Of course, my second favorite thing to do on vacation is just the opposite. Relaaaaax. Can you say it with me? Re….laaaaax. You know, a cool breeze off the ocean, a drink in one hand, Jimmy Buffet in the background singing ‘Margaritaville’.  A good book in my other hand, no worries on my mind. I aim to sit back and just disappear for awhile.

Fortunately for me, there’s a bargain book promotion going on Right Now!  I’m about to snatch up a fresh handful of $0.99 ebooks to take with me. Fantasy and Sci-fi by the beach, pool, or on the couch in the rented condo. (Did I mention I can’t wait?)

Now I’m not just writing this to moan about the heat or even brag about my upcoming time off. As with each of these promos, I want to give you the chance to grab these books too.

Of course I’m once again giving readers the chance to purchase book one in my Southern Sorcery series, Moonshine Mage, for $0.99. (This price is good from Saturday, June 1st at 12:00 AM PDT until Saturday, June 8th at 12:00 AM PDT.)

And I also encourage you to load up on your summer reading with these other great deals. Art of the Arcane, a site dedicated to helping independent authors gain visibility, is running the promotion from June 3rd until June 7th.  During this time all the books listed are $0.99 or Free. Cheap Sci-fi and Fantasies galore!

Just click the image to check those titles out.

Okay, that was basically a long summer kick-off message!  Thanks for hanging with me to the end. Now go forth and find you some good reads for those lazy, crazy summer days. And if you have any recommendations drop me a line. I’m always looking for good books to read and recommend.

Oh, and please feel free to share this with anyone who might enjoy these kinds of books. You can also share on Facebook (the home of all things cool and incredible) and Instagram (which I’m still trying to figure out – a repository for cat and puppy memes? A how to guide for makeup or ladies with curly hair?).  Anyway, gotta go now.


Peace (River),

John Stacy Worth

P.S. Oh yeah, if you have any favorite summer pastimes, I’d love to hear about those too! Seriously, what crazy kinda stuff do you do for fun?

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