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What others are saying about the Trilogy:

Not your run of the mill Noah's Ark story!! As my readers know, I occasionally like to step outside my favorite genres and read something different. This time, I picked up Remnant by John Stacy Worth. Remnant is a novel based on the Noah’s Ark story from the Bible. ...The story follows Noah’s family as they struggle with the call to build the ark and uphold their beliefs in the face of constant temptation. Throw in a bit of violence, danger, kidnapping, murder, and plot twists and turns, and this is an excellent story! The overriding message of unshakable faith in the face of secular trials holds true to the Biblical message, yet Noah and his family are full of human faults. All in all, Remnant was a good read!

William L. Stuart
(author of The Gemstone Chronicles)


This is an entertaining read! Fast paced, got to read it all tonight, kind of book. Now going to the next in the series.

Amazon Customer


Loved the story this book portrays! I was so caught up in reading it, I was almost late for work one morning. I highly recommend reading it!

Leitha B.


A gripping view into what Noah and his family may likely have faced. Page turning excitement flowing with God's truths. Definitely an adventure worth taking. Even my mama would enjoy this fiction.

Amazon Customer


This was my first foray into Christian Fiction and I must admit I had some trepidation, including irksome, irrational thoughts like, “Is this book going to be like the old animated television series Davy and Goliath? Don’t get me wrong, I loved that series – as a kid – but was looking for so much more as an adult. ...Remnant delivers the goods – and then some! In Remnant, Mr. Worth has woven a compelling story about Noah in the years preceding the launch of the ark. His storytelling style and prose conjure up vivid images of the decadent, dangerous, soon-to-be-damned world Noah and his inner circle live in. I found myself drawn into the story immediately, transported back to an era of rampant paganism, adultery, and murder. As Mr. Worth so aptly stated in the notes at the end of Remnant, “This Ain’t Your Mama’s Christian Fiction” – it is so much more. Filled with distinct, intriguing, believable characters, the story motors along, drawing us deeper and deeper into Noah’s world and the challenges he faces being a God-fearing man in an era of wickedness and deceit. Chapter headings provide pleasing signposts for where the story heads next, but in no way detract from the action. Quite the opposite, as more often than not the action developed in unexpected ways, which heightened my anticipation and drew me further into the story. I will warn you about this: after completely ensnaring your attention Remnant ends with a cliffhanger – but do not fret. Our kind and clever wordsmith, the aforementioned Mr. Worth, has a heart and CPR will not be necessary - Books 2 and 3 in the series, Reprobate and Requiem, are already available to appease our desire for more, more please! Thank you Mr. Worth for creating Christian Fiction that is highly entertaining! Now on to book two...

Dr. William Rubin
(author of Forbidden Birth: A Chris Ravello Medical Thriller)


The authors ability to tell this story in such a descriptive way and in this time period of pure evil was amazing. My thoughts prior to this reading of Noah and his family was miniscule and questionable however after this enlightening story I have come to ponder more on God's grace rather than wrath alone. Looking forward to the next one!

Amazon Customer


Thank you, Mr. Worth, for another great work of in the Christian fantasy category! Remnant was good. Reprobate is even better. The way Mr. Worth weaves a story is captivating. Not since reading Frank E. Peretti have I been so glued to a book that I did not want to quit reading. John's creativeness of what it may have been like in the days of Noah is made to be very real. Very well done John.

Sadie Mae


John Stacy Worth is phenomenal at giving life to biblical characters. If you love biblical fiction like I do he will be one of your favorite authors.

Kim Koenning


All three books in this series were fantastic.

Louise L. Theabo