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Outlaw Oracle

Elijah Hatton’s got a lot to learn.

With his 12 gauge, an ancient sword, and sanctified moonshine, he set out to reclaim a throne.

Step one — showdown with a Warlock on Main Street.

Who nearly kills him.

Fortunately Eli has friends in low places.

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First there’s Dihya McClagen.

Survivor of the U.S. Civil War and then refugee from the realm of Ejnehrel, she’s been hidden in a haven where time slows to a crawl: the Null.

But Dihya’s had enough. An Oracle and warrior, she strikes a deadly blow against the Warlock’s forces.

But has she clearly foreseen the cost?

Then there’s Sarah Brannon.

Eli’s best friend and possibly more, bright, beautiful, and half-human, she begins to sense the presence of enemies all around.

Like a human divining rod, she guides the companions through a war-torn wasteland where ravenous cannibals slumber just beneath the surface.

Her greatest fear: Will her budding powers lead them safely through or to their deaths?

Finally there’s Ai Ting.

She’s a gambler running from her past, full of regrets, but also sacred poetry and the gift of ‘Sensing Beyond’.

With expertise in martial arts and a penchant for brazen risks, she sees the world as a high stakes poker game.

Does she dare go all in with the cards she’s been dealt?

Because the future of every realm hangs in the balance.

The Time of Reckoning is at hand — doorways to all the worlds have been flung wide.

The Warlock Xal has Water of Life, he has the flaming sword, and all he needs now is the blood of a royal heir.

The confrontation continues.

They’re drawing down on Eli, while he’s gunning for them. With the fate of the multiverse caught in the crossfire.

Elijah Hatton: Elven Prince by birth, Southern by the grace of God!

Outlaw Oracle available at: