Get Book Two, Reprobate, for FREE! Get Book Two, Reprobate, for FREE!

Remnant was good. Reprobate is even better. ...Not since reading Frank E. Peretti have I been so glued to a book that I did not want to quit reading.

Sadie Mae, Amazon Customer
You’ve read the first book, now prepare yourself for Book Two, Reprobate.

Victory is within Satan’s grasp. His plot to subvert the Maker’s prophecy is complete, so that the Promised Seed of mankind can never be born. Only a handful of human tribes remain. And even less that still acknowledge their Creator. The Fallen One must complete his plan to eradicate God’s Remnant using any means available; vengeful enemies, the demon spawn Nephilim, and, if possible, even one another.

So you got Book One for Free on Amazon or some other site…

Well guess what, Book Two, Reprobate can also be yours for Free by joining my Readers Group. You’ll pick up with a life hanging in the balance and will not want to stop until the last page is turned. Even then you’ll be wanting to move on to Book Three, Requiem.

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