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Let’s talk this thing over. Or something like that.

Drop me a line. I’d  love to hear from you and get to know what type fiction you enjoy; send me pictures of your dog, cats, cars, or grandkids; or even friend me on Facebook. You know…use this 21st century tech to actually connect an author with readers, other authors, or even wayward souls that just stumbled by.

Tell me too, what you think of my work, what you’d like to see in the future, or any kind of constructive feedback.

(Hey don’t stand so close to that amp!)

You know feedback isn’t just for rock stars like Jimi Hendrix (though he did use it in ways never dreamed of before – cause he was experienced in all things guitar)!

What I’m trying to say is authors need feedback too.  And as much as I enjoy locking myself away in my creative cave to plug away in solitude, I do enjoy talking with readers, fellow authors, friends, whooping llamas, and basically any sentient creature with a keyboard or other input device.  Anyway, below are some ways you can contact me:

Just email me at (Yeah, that’s not a link. But it is the email dedicated to connecting with my readers.)

Or you can just fill out the contact form below:

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The most awesome feedback of all is when readers leave reviews.

Just go to my Amazon Author Page, click on any of my books you’ve read, and leave a review. (I’ve also got a few videos there so you can listen to my authentic southern accent and laugh at my keen sense of humor. Go ahead, you know you want to.)

And here’s my Author Facebook page. Friend me here, post cool stuff, and comment at will (just don’t make fun of poor Will. He’s kinda sensitive.) *Note* I only block  trolls!  Friendly Elves, Dwarves, and even Extra-Terrestrials are always welcome:

Then, of course, you can scroll right on down to the bottom and join my readers group. Seriously, if you’ve read all the way to this point, you might as well go all in. (‘scuse me now while I go listen to some Jimi…)